Reemergence of Oil & Gas - This traditionally sleepy asset class has awoken and is thriving.  Minerals have been a coveted asset passed down from one generation to the next. Historical mineral owners are beginning to monetize this asset class creating an opportunity for new owners. 

Growing U.S. Dominance - According to a November 2017 Bloomberg TV interview the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that the U.S. will be a dominant force in the global oil & gas markets for many years to come as the shale boom matures.

Technological Impact - The Oil & Gas industry has experienced rapid growth, ignited by technological innovations within both the exploration and production sectors. With these advancements, the IEA has raised estimates for the volume of shale oil which could technically be recovered by 30% to 105 billion barrels.

Shale Innovations - New techniques including horizontal drilling and fracture stimulation have created accelerated recovery of mineral assets and long-term revenue streams. These innovations in shale gas extraction have also transformed abandoned low production fields into viable, profitable producers.

“Dry Holes” – Nearly Obsolete - Innovations in geological mapping and offset drilling techniques are making “dry holes” nearly obsolete.

Increasing Institutional Awareness - Institutional investors have increasingly moved capital into the Minerals space in search of returns thereby resulting in further industry valuation growth.

Fast Approaching Energy Independence – “The United States will be the undisputed leader in global oil and gas markets for decades to come,” IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol said in an interview with Bloomberg TV.  “There’s big growth coming from shale oil, and as such there’ll be a big difference between the U.S. and other producers.”

Prolific Opportunities in Our Backyard - The primary region that TEN31 Minerals operates within is the SCOOP STACK, one the most active and prosperous shale oil & gas regions in North America.