TEN31 Minerals, LLC offers a unique partnership approach to the introduction of Minerals as a new asset class for traditional real estate owners. TEN31 will have common ownership with our 1031 exchange buyers within the mineral tracts they purchase; specifically, we will match buy up to 3% of the total acquisition price of the total minerals purchased. This common ownership creates a fully aligned mineral management and development partnership.

TEN31 will own an interest in the same area (township and range) where minerals are purchased by our 1031 exchange buyers.  We will stand “side by side” to assist our investors in managing their newly acquired minerals. We will assist with mineral leasing and lease renewal negotiations. TEN31 will provide ongoing data management and communication of drilling activity, development trends and access to proper mineral production revenues. Lastly, we may provide insight and recommendations on the sale of all or a portion of the minerals owned as market conditions warrant.

TEN31 and our affiliate, Roaring Fork Capital, have extensive experience in purchasing, owning, developing and/or marketing minerals within the SCOOP STACK areas of the Oklahoma Mid Con. Our experience is a valuable addition to the ongoing services that TEN31 offers its 1031 exchange partners.