Useful Information On Mineral Rights Dealing


These days, many people are aware of and rightfully concerned about conserving natural resources, such as minerals. It takes thousands of years to produce minerals, deep below the earth’s surface, and it is beyond impossible to replenish the minerals at the rate they are currently being used. To ensure the careful handling of minerals and to make a business out of them, people own mineral rights. These rights allow for the mining and exploiting of mineral-rich areas.

Most mineral rights owners prefer to offer the rights up for lease rather than selling it off. A lease can get them more profit through high royalties. However, setting up and maintaining a lease is not easy. It includes a lot of paperwork, monitoring of the entire process, auditing and many other such responsibilities. No matter whether the mineral in question is gas or oil, it is not possible to manage the upkeep of the rights without the help of a professional. Ten31 Minerals is a reputed firm in Oklahoma City that performs these jobs efficiently and responsibly. As a buyer, you can request help from the experts at Ten31. They will help you search for mineral rights for sale in Oklahoma and assist with the process that follows too.

If you are a seller …

If you want to sell your mineral rights, you can opt for:

  • Mineral brokers.
  • Answering the emails and letters you likely have been receiving that offer to buy or lease your mineral rights.
  •  Considering landman offers.
  •  Listing your rights on free websites that deal with mineral rights for sale in Oklahoma.

Are you sure you want to sell your mineral rights? Before making any decision, go through the pros and cons of doing so.



1.  Selling can release you from the burden of continuous market fluctuations. Although you may have made a good amount of money in the short term, these market fluctuations put your assets at risk. By selling, you can receive a generous lump sum and relax.

2. When you sell your mineral rights, you can invest your time in other work, as you will be free from monitoring your rights and market fluctuations. It’s better to get a lump sum than mediocre installments.

3. The uncertainty regarding your revenue will dissipate. You can invest the lump sum in some other business and get a good return, or you can just save it and relax.

Things to Consider:

Things to consider.jpg

1. Be sure and review the federal laws regarding mineral rights, as the U.S. is one of the few countries that allows its citizens to own mineral rights on their property.

2. Suppose you sold your mineral rights, but the land is yours. If the new mineral rights owners decide to drill on your property, you will not be able to access that area for farming or other uses. You can get compensation for any damage of your land, but that’s it.

3. If you well your mineral rights, you will be deprived of the long-term royalties from the lease.

If you are a buyer …

As a buyer who is going to start a business with your new mineral rights, you will have to face both the pros and the cons. Buying is better than leasing if you want to keep all of the profits. But if you have never bought or leased mineral rights, you should go for lease first. If it goes well, try buying the rights later.



1.    You can easily find sellers by searching online for mineral rights for sale in Oklahoma. There are many mineral-rich lands in this state that you can utilize.

2.  You can hire a professional to monitor the process, leaving you trouble-free.

3.  The revenue will blow your mind, as minerals are quite valuable in today’s market.

Things to Consider:


1.  If you are hoping for instant results after investing in mineral rights, you will be disappointed. Like with most other businesses, mineral rights also demand your patience.

2.  You must be ready for market fluctuations. The price may vary, and your revenue will also change accordingly.

3.  Mineral rights demand your time. You must invest a lot of time to monitor the processes and receive benefits on time.

For both buying and selling mineral rights, Ten31 Minerals can offer you reliable professional help. Consult them and be sure of the best for you.